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Monday, February 8, 2010

urban oasis in hubli..!!

"Urban oasis" in hubli is like a 1st ever big thing coming...its been said that the mall will be starting in around june or also includes Mc.D , innox and many more branded showrooms. It will be quiet amazing and a place for a perfect hang-out..but my question is-"will it work???" if yes..can it sustain its high standards with the people who have less disposable income. not much long the pizza hut, broke down..where it wasn't able to pay the rent of the location from the profits it earned. resulting in the closure of this branch.. why couldn't it earn profit..forget about the profit, at least BEP..!! it never reached BEP said some known business men..people in hubli are not able spend a 90bucks for a single pizza..taste matters, but then what will you do with the taste when there is no people to have it.. coming back my original topic, will the mall work?? i feel that if this mall starts in a year, it may not reach to the heights, to which it has expected to reach..talking about Hubli-dharwad merger, will this help..??
according to a well-known professor,  hubli will become the 2nd largest IT hub, and with the international airport which is building its fence with a radius of 15km....!!i hope this will work..talking from the youngsters perspective this will be the most happening place of the city..!!come soon...