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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Such is the life..

Eating is simple, working is simple, sleeping is simple, talking is simple putting together living is simple.. but the greatest problem of all is being SIMPLE.. life makes us play in the very own game we set.. life is certainly a labyrinth.. we have many choices to make, or directions to walk in or out.. we have to decide our destiny.. we have to decide how best we make decisions which will effect us in the long run... WE ALWAYS HAVE CHOICES...
the choices we make are the variables that decide the kind person we are.. Good and bad are the only two choices, there is no optimum in it... either you do good or you do bad.. I sometimes wonder why do we have to think so much before doing something or deciding somethings in life?? the answer to this lies in the following example:
A boy named Purshottam was ready to row across the river, he dint stop until he heard a cry.. A cry of a crocodile.. crocodile which is trembling in pain.. Purshottam went in the direction of the sound of the cry, and found a crocodile stuck in the nets of fishermen..
the crocodile starts pleading Purshottam to help him let free from the nets.. Purshottam being a kind man, thinks about the plead.. He said "No! not on the last day of my life, will i free you... i cannot believe you crocodile, what if i free you and you eat me?" the crocodile started sobbing, not able to see the pain and suffering of the crocodile, kind Purshottam frees his head form the nets.. the moment he frees the crocodile, in a fraction of second the crocodile ceases Purshottam's leg in his powerful jaws...
trembling in pain, Purshottam asks him WHY??? I saved your life.. why?
the Croc Answered .."SUCH IS THE LIFE"
Purshottam saw birds in the nest above the banks, on a tree.... is the Croc right?? such is the life?? the birds said yes, such is the life.. we build our nest on the top most branch of the tree, still the snake always gets there and eat all the eggs.."SUCH IS THE LIFE"..
Purshottam asks an old donkey who was walking slowly, "tell me donkey, is the croc right??". donkey says yes.. when i was young, my master used to load on me lot of materials, i used to wear a velvet cloth on my back.. i was well fed always... now when i'am old and cat do any work, he abandoned me from his house...."SUCH IS THE LIFE"
Purshottam asks a Rabbit the same question, rabbit said NO.!! the crocodile is wrong.. he is an idiot.. the croc enraged, couldn't reply properly as he had Purshottam leg in his mouth.. He said to the rabit"I am not arguing just because I have his leg in my mouth, or i would teach you a lesson" Rabbit told, you crocs have such a strong tail.. you can kill the Boy if he tries to run.. Croc fell for this, released the boy.. Croc forgot that his tail is stuck in the nets..Boy ran into the safe.... rabbit smiles and says "SUCH IS THE LIFE"...
The fishermen caught hold of the Croc and killed it.. Purshottam now realized that yes "SUCH IS THE LIFE"....


Friday, March 25, 2011

The breakup

End of the hope, end of the emotions, end of old things... well, it can be better put up like this: beginning of a new hope, beginning of new things and beginning of new life.. today was a wonderful day for me for this day brings light upon many aspects of my life.. this day not only teach me how things change drastically but also teaches me that you have to fight your battle, ALONE.. well, I knew all this crap form before, but experience makes the difference..
life, normally take turns in such a way that you are left with nothing but invaluable load of experience.. moving on, photographs are the most stupendous part of my we friends had loads of fun, we spoke senseless things, we passed time in canteen with a cup of tea and handful of biscuits and played statue and then took endless pictures..:) my friends Aneel, akshay, amruta, meenal, sushila, sonam and paro are the half most awesome people in the world... the other half, whom i miss a lot are maggie, pooh, samkya, shalu, pinkya, keval, nikhil and vivek..
You cannot measure the amount of happiness and joy you gather when all these people are around... but the best part is you can capture these memories in a picture that you will preserve for ever, thank you science...AWESOMENESS...:) with all the bitter and sweet memories today, i am still perplexed...whether it the end or a new start.??? YES it is a new start.. but i will still wait for life to unfold all the hidden things.. till then...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hello readers..
management festivals are the most popular events of the B-schools of India. These fest include many different kinds of sub-events which relate to the streams of management namely finance, marketing, finance etc.. this post is all about the fest we organised in the past week, named AAVISHKAR-11...
this was not just an event for us, but a matter of pride... Aavishkar is organised once in 2 years and we are lucky ones who got a chance to organize it.. trust me... a hell lot of experience.. well, starting of.. i wasn't much interested in being a part of it.. but then somehow i joined the team:) now I realize that it was a good choice i made.. the target of 16lakhs was not easy to reach, but thanks to my juniors who took an initiative and help us reach a stable position. The budget was reduced to 13 lakhs in the end.
now when we reached half of our way in financial stability, we were told to design games for the participants... well games are anytime good to participate, but organizing it is quite boring.:)
I had 16 other members working under me, and a solid backup who will be the only one to read my post..:) thanks maggie.. some how with the help of all these people we designed 12 different games...9 were selected and eventually we had all things set for the final day.. 12th and 13th of march, 2011....
Met the participants on the 1st day... they were good.. unfortunately only 1 beautiful girl.. ;p 1st round was kind a okay.. but then my team picked up well and all the rounds went on very well after that until the 1st eliminations.... the only beautiful girl had to be eliminated, which somehow De-motivated all the boys in the team..;p treasure hunt was a grand success.. and then we had an awesome dinner with wonderful orchestra, (i mean dhol) by the natives.. camp fire and dance.. too good man...
2nd day started too early... 5 am in the morning.. went to the lodge and wake the participants up.. then reached betta by 6.30.. had a wonderful round there and then reached college where we completed all the remaining rounds including finals.. then after all was done, we were waiting for the best manager round, which is supposed to be one of the most entertaining round of any fest.. all ended well, with some technical faults in between..
All in all, it was a wonderful experience.. take care..