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Friday, March 25, 2011

The breakup

End of the hope, end of the emotions, end of old things... well, it can be better put up like this: beginning of a new hope, beginning of new things and beginning of new life.. today was a wonderful day for me for this day brings light upon many aspects of my life.. this day not only teach me how things change drastically but also teaches me that you have to fight your battle, ALONE.. well, I knew all this crap form before, but experience makes the difference..
life, normally take turns in such a way that you are left with nothing but invaluable load of experience.. moving on, photographs are the most stupendous part of my we friends had loads of fun, we spoke senseless things, we passed time in canteen with a cup of tea and handful of biscuits and played statue and then took endless pictures..:) my friends Aneel, akshay, amruta, meenal, sushila, sonam and paro are the half most awesome people in the world... the other half, whom i miss a lot are maggie, pooh, samkya, shalu, pinkya, keval, nikhil and vivek..
You cannot measure the amount of happiness and joy you gather when all these people are around... but the best part is you can capture these memories in a picture that you will preserve for ever, thank you science...AWESOMENESS...:) with all the bitter and sweet memories today, i am still perplexed...whether it the end or a new start.??? YES it is a new start.. but i will still wait for life to unfold all the hidden things.. till then...