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Sunday, June 13, 2010


'Power' a very simple word with a unimaginable perplexed meaning. people understand power with various set of meanings. Oxford define it as"the ability to do something or act in a particular way".. i would like to focus on the authority part of it.. (just because i like this part) feeling that authority as well as analyzing different people changing the their very own nature and behavior..
History has proved that it was all about the hunger of power which made all the people in the world quarrel among each other..since ages people are seeking power and in this extreme hunger, they forget their own self.. they forget their actual objective..!! they even forget their own blood.. what they know and they work out to get is only POWER..
now moving on to a smaller perspective of the whole situation.. How smaller can it be?? it can be a school or a college, where a group of friends (good friends), in the course of time fight for power.. they forget their friendship or rather the hunger of power overshadows the friendship.. and what they know is just one concept"to win the race, u have to beat all the other participants"..
relationships stand on a higher position when compared to power.. don't let the power overshadow you, let your real-self overshadow power..

buddies give it a thought....!!


  1. good work dev! i mean seriously... a lil sumthg to think about!

  2. It is worth giving up a thought.. The thing is so true...